What’s your presentation persona? by Scott Schwertly and Sunday Mancini

Most of the literature out there focuses on the basics of presentation delivery, but Badge and What’s your presentation persona? bring a few more elements to the learning process, such as preparation, delivery and durability to the message. It takes presentation skills to the next level.

In this book, Scott Schwertly and Sunday Mancini, explain how to use their new methodology in assessing the communication style presenters through a personality system. Badge assigns you a personality type, which then lays down how how you prepare for and deliver a presentation based on your characteristics and traits. The Badge system identifies your strengths and opportunities, and provides with practical tips to improve on the areas that are lacking.

As someone who has been praised for her presentation skills, I found this book very insightful. It helped me become conscious of the way I prepare for my presentation and deliver it, in identifying what I am very good at, and what I could work on to up my performance even more and create messages that impact and endure.


My Badge

Doua: The Educator

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